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HZ-KPCN系列 多功能按鍵開關
Horizon Keypads
1. HZ-KPCN具高度配置性,提供4種延伸排列組合
2. 有別以往一鍵式按鈕,HZ-KPCN提供4種按鈕樣式
3. 按鈕字樣可呈現多色RGB LED 背光
4. 具有設計師美學和高品質的按鈕手感
5. Cresnet®有線通信

1. 按鈕字樣可呈現多色RGB LED背光,按鍵都可以編輯,以您想要的任何顏色發光。

2. 有別於以往的一鍵式按鈕,Horizon Keypads 提供四種按鈕樣式選擇。

3.  Horizon Keypads 提供最多4種延伸排列組合

Superbly styled Horizon™ keypads (HZ-KPCN series) afford incomparable flexibility for residential systems integrators, architects, and interior designers to incorporate control of lighting, shading, audio, and other amenities throughout a custom home. Appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch, Horizon keypads deliver a premier control solution with bespoke design elements befitting the most elegant or contemporary home interior.

Visit https://www.crestron.com/horizon for additional information.

Customizable Faceplates
Crestron® Horizon keypads feature a distinctively clean aesthetic appearance that can be customized to blend in or stand out in any décor. Each keypad ships complete with a single gang faceplate, which features color-matched top and bottom trim pieces in a choice of smooth or textured finish (both are included). The smooth trim provides a subtle contrast to the textured button faces and side panels for an elegant two-tone look, while the textured trim matches the buttons and sides perfectly for a cohesive overall finish. The trim pieces may be swapped easily after installation without tools.

For a more bespoke appearance, the trim pieces may be replaced with custom trim fabricated from any solid material, such as wood, metal, marble, engineered stone, or Corian®, to either match the wall surface or complement other design elements in the room. Contact your Crestron representative, or refer to Crestron True Blue Support Online Help Answer ID: 1000140, to obtain specifications and CADs for the fabrication of custom trim.

Note: The faceplate trim is attached magnetically, which may inhibit use in locations where tampering may occur.

Configurable Tactile Buttons
Horizon keypad buttons are meticulously engineered to deliver a consistently gratifying tactile response with each press. The buttons are generously proportioned for easy access and excellent visibility. To suit a full range of uses and functions, the button layout is completely configurable, and each button is fully programmable through a Crestron control system.

Five button positions are provided on each keypad, which may each be populated with a single pushbutton or a horizontal rocker button. Larger vertical rocker buttons are also available, one which takes the place of three single buttons, and one that occupies all five positions. With such versatile button layout capabilities, plus the ability to gang up to four keypads side-by-side, it is easily possible to configure a comprehensive keypad solution for any room control application.[1]

For information about ordering custom button engraving, please refer to the HZ-BTN-1-W-T-ENGRAVED web page.

Multicolor Backlit Button Engraving
Horizon keypad buttons are laser engravable with custom text labeling to identify each button’s function. Behind each button is an RGB LED backlight, which illuminates the engraved label and can be adjusted to achieve any color in the gamut. Pure white backlighting is also possible. A built-in ambient light sensor enables auto-dimming of the backlight brightness and color according to day and night mode presets.

Each button’s backlight can change color or intensity to provide feedback when the button is pressed. Feedback can be used to show which lighting scene or audio source is selected, if the alarm system is armed or the audio system is muted, or any other status. It can also blink as the lights are dimming, while the shades are lowering, or any other condition.

Contiguous Multi-Gang Expansion [1]
Installing a single Horizon keypad requires a single-gang U.S. electrical box or plaster ring (not included). For larger applications, up to four keypads may be installed together, arranged side-by-side in a multi-gang electrical box. All buttons in a multi-gang arrangement align perfectly to form one contiguous control surface with no separation between them. Multi-gang Horizon faceplates (HZ-FP-G series) are offered in 2, 3, and 4 gang sizes.[1]

Cresnet® Communications
Horizon keypads communicate with a Crestron control system via Cresnet, a simple 4-wire network bus that provides bidirectional data communication and 24 VDC power to each keypad in the system. To simplify wiring in a multi-gang arrangement, each Horizon keypad includes dual parallel Cresnet ports for easy daisy-chaining.

Built-In Control Ports
Two digital/analog input ports are included on each Horizon keypad to provide a local interface for Crestron occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and other devices that provide a contact closure, DC logic, or 0-10 Volt DC analog voltage signal. Using the control ports, it’s possible to add monitoring of room occupancy, ambient light level, door closures, and other conditions without having to home run extra wiring to the central control system location.

Key Features
  • Bespoke designer aesthetics
  • Precision fit and finish
  • Exceptional button feel
  • Generously sized buttons
  • Custom backlit laser-etched engraving [2]
  • Multicolor RGB LED backlighting
  • Auto-dimming day/night backlight modes
  • Button feedback via backlight brightness or color change
  • Highly configurable button layout
  • Choice of standard pushbuttons and/or rocker buttons [3]
  • Rocker buttons available in three sizes [3]
  • Single-gang U.S. wall box installation
  • Gangable up to four across [1]
  • Contiguous button surface when multi-ganged [1]
  • Distinctively customizable faceplate trim options
  • Compatible with Crestron® Horizon™ faceplates only (HZ-FP-G series)
  • Single-gang faceplate included, multi-gang faceplates sold separately [1]
  • Fully programmable via a Crestron® control system
  • Cresnet® control system interface
  • Dual Cresnet ports for easy daisy-chaining
  • Two control input ports for external sensors
  1. Each Horizon keypad ships with a single-gang faceplate. Multi-gang faceplates (2-, 3-, and 4-gang) are not yet available. The release date for multi-gang faceplates is to be determined.
  2. Button engraving is sold separately, or may be provided by a third party.
  3. Standard pushbuttons are included. Rocker buttons are sold separately.


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